Equera Inc, Canada’s largest Quality, Safety, Security, environmental and engineering, consulting firm delivering consultancy, training and technical services across the world.

Equera Inc can help you balance your business goals with an understanding of both natural and built environments, whether that means investigating what could be under the soil at a potential building site, or what’s inside the walls of your office complex. It’s about understanding what these risks could mean to your bottom line. It’s ensuring the people in your organization work in a safe, healthy space, and that you are compliant with increasingly complex environmental, health and safety standards and laws.

Equera Inc is renowned for getting to the heart of matter. The relentless pursuit for excellence is reflected through the most competent researchers ensuring the latest schools of thought and lively debate. Featuring key industry experts and senior representatives from the world’s biggest and most forward thinking organizations you will hear from seasoned practitioners who have the solutions to challenges facing your business today.

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