Customized Consulting Services

Customized Consultancy Services

Equera Inc professional team has the skills and a wealth of experience to understand and develop people and organizations. We are proud to work with our clients to unlock their true potential, whilst optimizing their performance and help them to achieve their goals.

We provide customized consultancy services according to customer requirement where they need improvements or facing challenges like:

  • Risk Assesment
  • HAZOP Studies
  • HSE Audits
  • HSE Compliance
  • accident Investigations
  • GAP Anaylsis
  • Root Cause Analysis

Our team of professional engineers practically involve with clients team in process to investigate and provide them a productive solution at each end which mostly includes;

  • HSE Policy/ Program development and implementation
  • Risk Assessments
  • HSE Audits (Internal and 3rd party)
  • HAZOP Studies
  • HSE Training Consultancy
  • Project Safety Consultancy
  • HSE Compliance Consultancy
  • Accident Investigations
  • GAP Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis